Senior Leadership Team

  • Elaine Delahunt (Head of College)
  • Jennifer Smith (Vice Principal)
  • Alicia Grady (Assistant Principal)

Head of Teaching Departments

  • Thomas McCormack (Leader of Engineering)
  • Jennifer Smith (Leader of English)
  • Alicia Grady (Leader of Maths)
  • Claire McCaffery (Leader for Business)
  • Sean Gallagher (Leader for Science)

Teaching Department

  • Charlie Wignall (Teacher of Sport & Exercise Science)
  • Lisa Franks (Teacher of English)
  • Marie Latham (Teacher of Health Care)
  • Mark O’Shea (Teacher of Science/ Geography)
  • Harvey Jackson (Teacher of Engineering)
  • Joseph Norris (Teacher of Engineering)
  • Linda Donohue (Teacher of German/ Geography)

Support Staff

  • Nicola Melling (Exams/ Data/ Office Manager)
  • Sarah Cale (Finance/ Admin Officer)
  • Angela Swift (Secretary to SLT/ Office Manager)
  • Lisa Franks (SENCO)
  • Sophie Grady (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Steve Johnson (Site Manager/ Engineering Technician)
  • Christopher Eldridge (IT Technician)
  • Michael Pettersen (Site Assistant)
  • Roger Alexander (Science Technician)
  • Janet Humphreys (Receptionist)
  • Carol Harrison (Cleaner)
  • Janet Robinson (Cleaner)