To ensure that our students can fully contribute to this sector, we are working with our sponsors and partners to define the required qualities, attributes, skills and behaviours. This drives the culture of the UTC.


Integrity, empathy, caring, a desire to improve the lives of others and a sensitivity to others.


Lifelong resourceful and resilient learners with the ability to acquire new skills and to work independently. Students need to be self-aware and have ambition and a capacity to grow.


Students must be able to recognise that the world is constantly changing and that this provides opportunities for new ideas and change.


Students will be risk takers, ambitious, strive to reduce costs and maximise resources and profitability.


Students must be data and evidence driven in their decision making. They must be objective and use scientific practices to ensure that their methodology is correct and their work is open to scrutiny and challenge.


Students must be proactive and positive team members with an ability to communicate effectively with others. They are able to recognise their own strengths and those of others so that everyone can work together to achieve a common goal. They share their knowledge and skills with the wider community.