Age Range: 14 to 19 years. In 2017-18 there will be 125 places for 14 year olds and 125 for 16 to 18 year olds.

Specialism: Engineering, Science and Health Care.


How to apply for a place in the Sixth Form (16 to 19 year olds)

For the 2017 intake, 125 students can be admitted into Year 12 at the Sixth Form at the age of 16. This will be made directly to the UTC. Application forms are available in the prospectus, online and at Wigan UTC. All 125 places will be allocated for external candidates. Any looked after children or previously looked after children who meet the admission criteria for the subject / courses they have chosen will automatically be offered a place. All places will be awarded on the basis of academic suitability for the course that will run, using criteria that will be published in the prospectus and website. In the future all internal students who meet the entry criteria will be offered places, then any external candidates based on academic suitability related to when they applied.

Admissions number: For 16 to 19 year olds there will be 125 places available.


How to apply for a place for 14 to 16 years olds

Parents can apply for a place at the UTC by making an application via their home local authority. Applications for residents can be made from the beginning of September 2016 either online by completing a manual application which is available from the UTC or by contacting the School Places Team at Wigan Council. An electronic copy of the application form is also available on the UTC website at or Wigan Council website at

Parents will be notified the outcome of their application on 1st March 2017 by letter from their home authority.

Admissions number: For 14 year olds there will be 125 places available.


Wigan UTC will publish on its website information about the arrangements for admissions including over subscription criteria. This will include details of open days, evenings and other opportunities for prospective students and their parents to visit the UTC. Wigan UTC will provide information to relevant local authorities for inclusion in their composite admissions prospectus.